lunes, 6 de abril de 2009

Attending 'LocosxRails' in Buenos Aires

I went to Buenos Aires for two days(three and four of April) to
take part
an misterious first event
about Rails called LocosXRails("cracy for Rails in english") and
it was a great event,
I think that it was the first event related and dedicated to Ruby On Rails in
Argentina with international speakers( if I do not stay in a mistake!! ).
I found some others Rails developer. Some people that does not develop applications on
Rails actually, but their bosses send there to see what happen with
this 'misterious new' framework
or their personal interest in Rails is rounding in their heads.

The presentations were interesting,
I liked the presentation of Fabio Akita
(about internationalization),Obie Fernandez(experiences
in his company),Luis Lavena(talking
about the proyect 'One-Click Ruby Installer'),
Evan Henshaw-Plath (talking about OAuth)
Evan Phoenix(talking about good manners to coding in ruby),
Emilio Tagua(talking about'testing'
rails applications) and other presentation about Rails + Sequel by Adrian
Mugnolo, all the presentations had something interesting(without offence).
Here is the list of speakers for this event

The organizers said that they are thinking just now in working to organize
a similar event in 2010 and those are a good news

PS: They excuse my errors for English or also they can correct to me if
you want

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